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Make connections, nurture your creative spirit and grow your business!

With your participation, the UPPERCASE Circle is a vibrant community hub. One that is a valuable source of motivation, inspiration and encouragement for like-minded and kind-hearted creative people from around the world. Although the community is initially brought together by its support and appreciation of UPPERCASE magazine, the Circle will enhance your experience of all things UPPERCASE while providing additional value to your creative life through conversation and sharing of knowledge.

Connect with members of the UPPERCASE community—both near and far—who share your interests.

Share your work with your peers, mentors and potential customers.

Find inspiration, motivation and new perspectives.

Move your creative business forward with tips, tools and support from peers and guest experts.

Live video conferences and video chats.

Upcoming: Learn and grow through e-courses.

Janine Vangool
UPPERCASE publisher / editor / designer

Why is the Circle for UPPERCASE magazine subscribers only?

UPPERCASE is supported by its lovely readers—and subscriptions to the quarterly print magazine have kept it going for ten years now. 

When you subscribe to the magazine ($80 CAD in North America, $120 CAD overseas), your funds are not only going towards the physical costs of the magazine such as printing and postage but also to pay contributors' fees, editing costs, salaries, rent, tech and so much more. It is expensive to produce such a beautiful printed publication four times a year. Subscription prices have remained the same since 2009, despite rising costs of paper and postage and pretty much everything else!

This community adds value to readers' print subscription by creating an active hub that remains engaging and inspiring between issues. And like the print magazine, I intend for this community to be full of really good, valuable content through thoughtful articles and posts, informative dialogue and presentations by guest experts.

Creating and maintaining this online community has associated costs such as the monthly network fee, but also the time it requires to keep it running. As the community grows, it will have ambassadors compensated for their efforts in assisting the members here. Our guest experts will also be compensated for their time and expertise. 

The Circle is an extension of UPPERCASE and I need to make sure that it can operate in a sustainable manner without draining resources from the print magazine.

For active print subscribers, click on the request button above and I'll check your name and email against our subscriber list. Please allow up to a week for your invitation.

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Options for paid memberships to the UPPERCASE Circle will be available in the future.

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